Djordje Mitić


My first computer was Sinclair Spectrum 48k. First contact with a computer was in 1981. when my cousin, Borivoje Mitić made by himself an ELEF 80 computer, built on a project from a course at Electrotechnical University in Niš. If it wasn’t for Pacman and Fenix, i would never have been interested in computers. First time i had an experience with the Sinclair Spectrum hardware was it’s first malfunction, and the repair that was undergoing in my cousin’s shop. From that moment my interest toward hardware began to change, and soon i started to develop my own hardware projects. The first, serious one, was a video-juke box project, controlled by Sinclair zx Spectrum created in 1987. Having in mind an idea by Jovan Živković, i have developed a device - software was written by Rade Todorović ( multiple world champion in Physics and mathematics), realization of the hardware was done by my nephew, Borivoje Mitić ( self thought hardware engineer) - Video juke box that could do the search of recorded music videos on the video player, and play them at the request.

Later, with the ongoing studies, i have supported myself trough the repairs of the retro computers, which later became my occupation. After the studies i have founded several repair service shops in Belgrade, Serbia: Pulse electronic, Samsung ( ERC commerce, MSAN Kimtec). My main occupation is quality control of the products that are made in China. MSAN company have sent me to raise the quality of the products produced in China, after having bad experiences with the product quality during the past decade.

All my spare time i am dedicating for the r&d for the LED lights and retro computers spare parts.

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